Kleiboeker Family Tree
Kleiboeker Family Tree
Compiled and Edited by Dennis R. Kruse
Welcome to the Kleiboeker Family Tree. It also contains individual information for non-Kleiboekers if such information exists.

A few tips:

The home card link under Contents (below) takes you to the family of Johann and Charlotte Kleiboeker. From there you can click on other people’s names to navigate to your relatives if you know their relationship to Johann and Charlotte. For individuals not directly related to Johann, you can also click on the “Surnames” link at the top of this and any page to find a person under their last name and click there.  If using the Surnames List make sure you use maiden names if applicable.

The chart icon next to a person’s name can be clicked on to open up a tree structure format of ancestors that may be easier to use.

If you click on the person’s name, a person sheet will open and you can see more details about that person.

Also if you click on a person’s picture or the camera icon, you can open up multiple pictures that relate to that person, if those exist. For many people I only have one picture, and some none at all.

And finally if you note there is a link on each number for spouses, if the person had more than one spouse. If you click on the number after the word spouse you will open up that spouse’s family file (card). All these icons, trees, pictures and spouses can be seen on Johann’s family page if you would like to try it out.

Thanks to everyone who supplied information over the years to make this a reality. Special thanks to my father, Glenn Kruse, Lorn & Alice Kleiboeker, Alvin Kleiboeker, Midred Moennig, Donna Budzier and Elaine McCall who helped or did much of the early work on the family information. Also many, many thanks to all the others who have contributed over time to make this a reality.
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