Kleiboeker Family Tree - Person Sheet
Kleiboeker Family Tree - Person Sheet
NameChristian Menke Kleyböcker
Birth29 Jul 1767, Hinnenkamp, Lower Saxony, Germany
Residence1798, Recieves Hof from his father
Death28 Feb 1842, Hinnenkamp, Lower Saxony, Germany
Birth29 Jul 1767, Hinnenkamp, Germany
Death28 Feb 1842, Hinnenkamp, Colon, Germany
ReligionEvangelical Lutheran
MotherAnna Dorothea Meyer (1733-1801)
Birth1 Jan 1779, Zu Nellinghof, Neuenkirchen, Lower Saxony, Germany
Birth1 Jan 1779, Neuenkirchen i. Oldenburg, Germany
Death22 Nov 1843, Hunteburg, Germany
Death22 Nov 1843, Hinnenkamp, Germany
FatherJohann Berend Erdbrügge (1733-1801)
MotherCatharina Adelheid Kloenne (1751-1815)
Marriage29 Oct 1799, Neunkirchen, Lower Saxony, Germany
ChildrenAnna Dorothea Catharina (1800-)
 Johann Friederich (1805-1842)
 “Rudolf” Ludwig (1807-1844)
 Ernst Heinrich (1814-1887)
 Johann Heinrich (1816-1817)
 Karl Herman Heinrich (1818-1863)
 Georg (1823-1853)
Notes for Christian Menke Kleyböcker
in 1815, Christian Menke rebuilds the main house and a side building. He replaces the plaster and straw sections between the wooden beams and joists with bricks. He also repaints and signs his name and his wife above the main entrance door. He was listed as “Colon” when he died
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