Kleiboeker Family Tree - Person Sheet
Kleiboeker Family Tree - Person Sheet
NameJohann “Hermann” Kleyboeker
BirthMar 1754, Hinnenkamp, Lower Saxony, Germany
Death27 Jul 1811, Hoepker's House, Nuenkirchen, Lower Saxony, Germany
MotherMarie Adelheid Hoepker (1732-1800)
Birth5 Nov 1758, Hoerste, Nuenkirchen, Lower Saxony, Germany
Death11 Mar 1816
MotherAnna Adelheid Moeller (1733-1774)
Marriage20 Aug 1787, Ev. Kirche, Nuenkirchen, Lower Saxony, Germany
ChildrenHerman Heinrich (1789-1818)
 Johann Heinrich (1791-1856)
 Johann Hermann (1792-1794)
 Catharine Adelheid (1794-1862)
 Johann Bernhard (1801-1863)
Notes for Johann “Hermann” Kleyboeker
In Rathous of Nuenkirchen on the index cards of church records, Johann's Marriage record lists "frater praecedentis". After asking the pastor at the
church it turns out this is referring to the fact that Johann was the brother (frater - Latin for brother) of the previous (praecedentis) entry. So it turns
out that Johann and his brother Johann Heinrich were married on the same day.
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