Kleiboeker Family Tree - Person Sheet
Kleiboeker Family Tree - Person Sheet
NameJohann Bernhard Kleyboeker
Birth23 Jan 1801, Hoerste, Nuenkirchen, Lower Saxony, Germany
Baptism28 Jan 1801, Neuenkirchen-Vörden, Germany
Death13 Oct 1863, Helle, Lower Saxony, Germany
Burial16 Oct 1863, Gehrde Church Cemetery
Birth3 Jul 1805, , Ruesfort, Lower Saxony, Germany
Death5 Oct 1865, New Minden, Washington Co. IL
Burial7 Oct 1865, New Minden, Washington Co. IL
FatherJohann Jakob Dirkes (1767-1834)
MotherCatherina Elizabeth Meier (1773-1829)
Marriage27 Mar 1830, , Ruesfort, Lower Saxony, Germany
ChildrenJohann Heinrich (1830-1900)
 Johann Hermann (1837-1837)
 Johann "Dietrich" (1850-1888)
Notes for Johann Bernhard Kleyboeker
His occupation was listed in the church records as "Heuerling" which means hired hand or almost slave or simply peasant. Sponsors at Johann Bernhard's baptism in Nuenkirchen were Johann Berend zu
Hoersten geb. Kleyboeker, genannt Evers; Hermann Otto Surkeide; and Maria Elisabeth Steinbeck geb. Moellers

From A quote from Clarence Hake, whose Grandmother was Anna Elizabeth Kleiboeker. Anna is a daughter of Johann Bernard Kleiboeker.

"She said her father often went from Germany into Holland to work."

Church Records in Gehrde have his death record. It is interesting to note that in this death record, they spell his name Kleiboeker, but in his birth record his last name is spelled Kleyboecker. He is listed as living in Helle when he died, and his occupation was listed as “Heuerling” or hired hand. It listed his parents as Heurling Hermann Kleiboeker, of Nuenkirchen and his wife, Catherina Elisabeth, born Lindemann. He died at 6 in the evening, and was buried on the 15 of October at 1 o’clock midday. The Gehrde church record book of his death also states his birth has 10 January 1801, which conflicts with his birth record at the same church.

His cause of death was listed as "wassersucht" which means "dropsy" or today, it is known as congestive heart failure.
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